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Homeowners' Insurance

The purpose of Homeowners' insurance, also called home insurance, is to provide added security for your investment. It does this by compensating you for any loses on your home and possessions inside it. In the event that someone is injured on your property, it will protect you as well. Especially if you're legally liable. Financial losses caused by fire, storms, and theft are also covered as well. You should check your policy to see what other events may be outlined in your policy.
One of the most popular personal lines of insurance on the market today is Homeowners' Insurance. The typical homeowners' policy has two sections. Section I covers the property of the insured, while Section II provides personal liability coverage. Homeowners' insurance is often required by the lender as part of the requirements for obtaining a mortgage. Almost anyone that owns or leases a property has a need for this type of insurance. Give us a call at 850-586-7129 to get started, today.

What to consider when purchasing homeowners' insurance.

There are always a number of important factors to consider when purchasing a product or service. Insurance is not exempt. We've supplied a two important points to consider when purchasing homeowners' insurance.
1) Purchase the amount and type of insurance you need. If your policy limit is less than 80% of the replacement cost of your home, any loss payment from your insurance company will be subject to a coinsurance penalty.
2) Determine which, if any, additional endorsements need to be added to your policy. Examples are personal property replacement cost endorsement, sinkhole endorsement, and more.
Cheney Insurance Group tailors your policy to protect your house and all of the items within that make it a home. We will provide what you need to know to ensure your assets are adequately protected. Call us at 850-586-7129 to discuss more.