Auto Insurance

The right auto insurance policy will protect you from loss, damage, and lawsuits when vehicle accidents happen. Cheney Insurance Group will create an affordable policy that provides the security you need without the unnecessary coverage options. We insure cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, off road vehicles, motorcycles, and RVs. Cheney Insurance Group can help you evaluate your current package and find the best fitting package for you. Give us a call at 850-586-7129 to get started.
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Types of Auto Insurance


Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is usually the lowest form of insurance offered by an auto insurance company. It is the most basic insurance. It covers you in the event of an accident that is proven to be your fault. The insurance company will pay any damages to the other party. The amount of coverage is set beforehand, and this is the maximum amount the auto insurance will pay. You need to confirm what will be covered and what the limits are. You might be offered a very low premium by some auto insurance companies. Only later you might realize that your cover is minimal and unrealistic.
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Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance will cover the repairs for a vehicle if you are responsible for a collision. However, it's not as simple as that. An auto insurance company will have the final say on what amount will be paid out. If it is cheaper to give you the market value for the car, then they will. If the repairs are more than the real market value then the insurance company will simply pay the value of the car. Cheney Insurance Group will help you find the best comprehensive coverage for your needs. Give us a call at 850-586-7129 to start, today.
Cheney Insurance Group will advise you on the best deal for your insurance needs. Give us a call today at 850-586-7129.